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The Workshops


Eva’s Facilitator’s Manual: Looking for the workshops? Download the full six financial literacy modules through the above link: Budgeting Basics, Savvy Saver, Brainy Banking, Tackling Taxes and Conquering Credit. Don’t forget the Activity Booklet below!

Activity Booklet: Download the full Activity Booklet here, including six workshops worth of templates and goal-setting and tracking charts!

Evaluation Recording Tool: This is an excel sheet that will help you track participant responses to both the pre- and post-workshop surveys, which can be found at the end of each subject in the Facilitator’s Manual.

Facilitation Tips

  • Offer incentives whenever possible, and give certificates of completion for the workshops.
  • Incorporate multimedia whenever you think it may fit well with your group, without distracting from the subject.
  • The more art or expressive activity you can include, the better. One way to incorporate this is through cartooning. Depending on the size of the class and how frequently you meet with them, cartooning might be a fun option to express common financial misconceptions and work through emotional barriers to financial literacy.
  • Don’t give advice to the participants – try to inform their decisions with detailed information, data and resources. It is not our role to be a Financial Advisor.
  • Use an anti-oppression framework. Be judgement and coercive free and ensure that participants are as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to localize the content and make it your own. Use the pre- and post-workshop survey responses to adjust the content and structure for what works for your group!
  • Stay flexible! Things change, interests change, people change – keep a flexible attitude during the workshops. Only 3 people showed up for a budgeting workshop and are bursting with banking questions? Let’s chat about banking! They want to make a zombie apocalypse digital story about teaching zombies income tax? I’m into it! Seriously… that sounds amazing. Use your discretion and understanding of the individuals you are working with.