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Welcome to the Eva’s Financial Literacy Toolkit!

Financial literacy. What does it mean to you? Do you get nervous when you hear those words? Does it cause your stress levels to rise as you remember the bills waiting for you at home or your credit you’ve been trying to restore? Or does it motivate you to stay on track and be diligent with your savings goals? Financial literacy – and money in general – makes everyone feel differently because we all have a different relationship with it. Whether that relationship is a cause of our stress, or a success for us to celebrate, it’s about time we talk about it more freely and in a more engaging way for our youth.

This toolkit was created to increase the financial literacy and champion the financial empowerment of homeless and at-risk youth. It was designed, facilitated and evaluated at Eva’s three youth shelter sites in Toronto: Eva’s Phoenix, Eva’s Place and Eva’s Satellite. On this Toolkit website you will find an overview of the project, synopses of the research including the literature review and gap analysis, the six outcome-oriented modules that are free to download along with the Activity Booklet for participants, as well as facilitator recommendations. The content was brought together from a variety of resources, and measured through the use of youth-driven focus groups, surveys and engagement committees. I’m delighted to share my findings and to mobilize the knowledge I have gained through my facilitation experiences at Eva’s three sites! I encourage you to have fun with the content of the workshops I’ve created should you wish to take it on and teach financial literacy workshops of your own. Join in on the change to heighten engagement and enjoyment in financial literacy programming!

Please explore this website and enjoy,

-Meaghan, Toolkit Creator


DUCA Financial Services Credit Union LTD. is a supporter of Eva’s Independent Living Programs including Financial Literacy skill building for youth